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Calgary drain & sewer is your local drain cleaning and sewer maintenance specialist. We pride ourselves in having both the experience and equipment to get the job done. 


Calgary Drain & Sewer

-Able to clear all drain blockages. From cutting roots out main sewer lines to removing hard grease build ups in kitchen drains.

-Drain cleaning. kitchen and basin sinks, bathtubs and showers, sewer main lines, stacks & storm lines.

-Camera inspection and location services. 

-Residential and commercial.

Common issues we deal with. 

-Tree roots. Tree roots are a common drainage problem especially in older neighborhoods. If you have roots getting into your plumbing drains, solutions range from a routine maintenance plan to stay ahead of a sewer blockage, removal of the tree causing the issue if possible, to replacing the entire sewer line. 

-Dips & sags. A dip or sag in the drain line will allow solids to build up over time and cause blockages and backups. In order to deal with this you need to identify the problem area, excavate and repair the problem, alternatively a routine maintenance drain cleaning can keep the drain line clear and flowing.

-Breakages. If a breakage occurs often in older clay piping, the solution is to have it repaired and the line reconnected. A camera and locator will be needed to identify and locate the drain breakage. 

-Grease buildups. Grease buildups are a common kitchen drain line problem. Over time kitchen greases get into the drainage system, cool down and solidify to the drainage walls. Slowing down the flow or completely blocking the drain. The most effective solution is to physically remove the grease with a drain cleaning machine, 

-Bathtub and shower blockages. Bathtubs and showers are notorious for hair and soap suds building up in the drains, slowing down the flow and eventually blocking the line off. A simple drain cleaning will get the shower or tub back up and running.

Who we work for.



-Calgary drain & sewer specializes in drain cleaning, whether its a slow draining fixture or an mainline backup we have experienced staff and fully equipped vans to solve the problem.

-We work on houses, condos and apartments buildings.

-Competitive hourly pricing and free camera inspections. 

-24/7 service, we are here to help in a drain or sewer backup.

-For prompt and professional service call Calgary Drain & Sewer.

Commercial & property management.


-Calgary Drain & sewer works with business owners and property managers, we understand the need for punctuality and cleanliness.

-We work on condo and apartment buildings, restaurants, malls, medical centers, and other commercial and industrial properties etc

-24/7 service, whether it is emergency drain cleaning or preventative maintenance we have you covered. 

-We are a drain and sewer specialist with experienced staff and fully equipped vans. 

-Calgary drain & sewer offers incentives for repeat customers, please contact management for more information.

-For prompt and professional service call Calgary Drain & Sewer.

For your peace of mind we are a Licensed, Insured, Bonded, Red Seal & Master Plumber certified Company.
Calgary Drain & Sewer, Calgary AB
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